5 Best Apps For Instagram Stories: For a more professional look.

Instagram is hiding the number of likes and it is going global with the feature.

Instagram story is awesome for sharing stuff and having a place to post pictures and updates by not messing up your feed.

Yes, Instagram Story is awesome, just put something there and in 24 hours it’s gone. You don’t need to worry about it and what I personally love the most is that its a big saviour for your feed. How? Buy not messing it up. What I mean is if you are a photographer or a creator following a certain theme in your feed and you have a cool photo to share or an update for your audience on something you can post it in the story rather than in the feed and not mess it up.

So is it just a Dumping Ground for Random Photos?

A BIG FAT NO. It is not a dumping ground but we are treating it like it. We are just dumping random photos, selfies just normal stuff. What if I tell you you can be creative with the stories and make those 24 hours that your content is up there make cool? Yes, that’s possible and you can achieve that with these 5 Apps.

Now let us just get to them, shall we?

So the top 5 Apps for Instagram stories you should look at are:


Unfold is a simple app for Instagram stories to make them pop up and spice them up. It has some cool templates which you can use to add in your images with some caption or a text.

I love to use the 2 or 3 photos in one template and add a small caption below the images to tell a story. You can get as creative you want.It just looks cool rather than just directly posting on story straight from the camera roll.

It is a Free App, but there are In-App purchase to buy more templates. The template packs range from $1 to $3. Well, they have also started in a subscription plan of $3.42 per month if you are into it.In general its a really cool and simple app to use. I bet you’ll love it and once you start posting you’ll start getting in DM’s of which app you are using.


Adobe Spark is another app just like UNFOLD but by Adobe. Just cool templates, add in your photos add text to make a cool story and you are done.But this is one step ahead of UNFOLD, Unfold is for a super simple, clean, nice look those kinda things. But with ADOBE SPARK POST you can be really creative. It truly is an awesome app. I used to use Unfold a lot but now I have started to try out this app.

And on top of that, you have millions of high-quality stock photos that you can use to create some awesome sparkling posts, see what I did there, sparkling posts.It’s just awesome just try it out, I bet you’ll love it. Just see what suits your style, try out both UNFOLD or ADOBE SPARK POST and choose what you like.


Well if you want more and want to try out something else than the two famous apps that are out there then you can try out STORY ART is for you. They have some 1000+ Story templates something called Animated templates, you can give it a look. It is a cool app if you wanna check it out.


You might be familiar with this app, famous for cropping photos to post on Instagram. Like that was the only purpose of the app. But trust me it has come far ahead now from what it was. And the feature because of which Inshot is here on the list is because of its video feature, yeah seriously its awesome.

If you want to edit a cool video for your story, say a vertical cinematic video with music and some text if you want it without taking the trouble of opening premier pro or equivalent software, just a quick edit for a story then this is for you.

I have on my Instagram put videos on stories which I edited in like 3 minutes. And the free music collection that they have is so good, just dope stuff.


Vimage is a cool weird app. I have personally tried it only once but trust me if you want to get creative with it there are no limits. What this app basically is that you can add GIF like things like birds flying, fire and do Cinemagraphs and more.

What you can do is edit one clip on vimage put their assets in your clip and take that clip in inshot and put it in your sequence to make a video.

So from the 5 apps I mentioned above which is you Fav for Instagram stories.

There are more apps out there, new ones keep on coming so just search see what suits for you. These apps are just my personal suggestion, check them out.

And trust me you can do a lot with Instagram stories, use the feature to your advantage and do something different from the masses to stand out. Try out these 5 Apps for Instagram stories and make something creative.

I personally keep UNFOLD, ADOBE SPARK POST, INSHOT & VIMAGE and use all of these to make Instagram stories.

But my personal Fav is UNFOLD, I just love the super clean professional look it gives.

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Share your experience of these Apps for Instagram stories with me. And in the comments and tell me which one is your fav.

4 thoughts on “5 Best Apps For Instagram Stories: For a more professional look.”

  1. After reading your article I have just checked Inshot application to edit Instagram stories and I found this application amazing to edit my stories int a professional way. Thank you for the best suggestions. I will surely try these apps to create amazing stories.

    1. Inshot is really a great app, I mostly use it for quick story videos, but I find Unfold really good, it looks clean and professional.

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