7 Accessories that every Smartphone Photographer should have.

Your Smartphone camera is great, but it can get better, All you need is these 7 accessories if you want to improve your overall photography game.

Smartphones are getting better and better every day, and in the age of Instagram, you cant actually distinguish between a smartphone and a DSLR click. But you can improve your smartphone photography game with these few inexpensive smartphone camera accessories.

If you have a DSLR or not your smartphone is your primary shooter, and it will always be, just because of its compact size and to be honest its always with you. You might not have your DSLR on you but I bet you’ll definitely be carrying a smartphone. Be it an Apple or any of the Android devices out there, today it doesn’t matter that much. At a significantly lower cost, you can get a pretty dang good smartphone.

That been said, let us not waste more time in this and jump into the 8 accessories that you should have if you are serious about it.

1) Mini Tripod

Tripods are the one thing you should have, they are a must. You can skip buying rest of the stuff in here, first, get yourself a tripod. And yeah a Mini tripod not one of those big tripods, you don’t need those unless you have a DSLR or at the most a point and shoot.
These Mini Tripods can fit anywhere from your travel bags to even your pockets in some cases.
Keep in mind while getting a tripod is to get a good one, spend some extra money if you can but get a good one.Well, you can pick up one of these cheaper mini tripods from Amazon.

  1. It’s Cheap, will do the work


  1. Your phone will keep slipping from the grip.
  2. Will probably break at the neck(the portion between the grip and ball head) at some point in the future.
  3. Poor build quality.

But ill suggest you buying the Manfrotto mini tripod with the mobile grip.


  1. Awesome build quality.
  2. Can take a lot of weight.
  3. Respected brand.


  1. Cost, well it’s not cheap

Have to buy the grip separately, but worth the investment. Or you could just any grip available.

2) Gorilla Pod

If you are not into the above tripod game and want something weird, then the Bendy Tripod is for you. Yeah, the bendy tripod, the one all the bloggers use.
Just a tip don’t buy the cheap ones, these things break easily and are not that sturdy, so its better to get one from a brand who is king in the game, yeah its JOBY.
They have a lot of options if you have a DSLR or planning to buy one just get the bigger one and use that for smartphone, you can use the grips that the offer or use the one by Manfrotto.
They also have one dedicated for a smartphone you can get that too, but get the bigger one.

Joby Gorilapod, bendy tripod for smartphones and dslr to improve your photography


  1. Bendy, so you can get weird angles
  2. Place at weird places like poles, rod etc.


  1. Might not be that reliable from a safety point of view, like I have dropped my phone ones.
  2. Cost

3) Mobile Camera Lenses

These, if used properly, are game changers. There are many brands selling lots of lenses. But just the Wide and the Macro are useful. But there are also Fish Eye lenses and many more weirder stuff out there. If you have the budget do check out the Anamorphic lens from moment, That thing is a beast and also the 58 mm.
If you have a Premium phone like a Pixel, iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy device you can get yourself a moment lense.

Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses

If you don’t have those phones or the budget you can go for something like Aukey which is great.

Mobile Camera Clip on Lense by Aukey


  1. They are great if you want to click that GoPro like wide angle pictures or do macro photography.


  1. Finding good quality lenses, good ones come at a cost.
  2. Vignetting at corners ( can be cropped out )

4) Gimbal

If you are into video and don’t have the money to spend into a DSLR then you can invest a little bit of money into these gimbals.
From awesome cinematic moves to buttery smooth footage plus other features provided by each like face tracking and more just makes it an awesome and a must-have accessory.

Smartphone Handheld Gimbal, Osmo Mobile 2 by DJI for cinematic footage


  1. Cinematic footage
  2. Smooth footage
  3. Crazy Moves


  1. Needs proper balancing, takes some time.

5) MIC

So you have a Gimbal to up your Videography game with your smartphone. Now you want good audio right? Well, your phone records pretty okay quality audio but to be honest it is actually not that usable.

Video MIC Pro by Rhode to Improve Audio Recording of smartphones

https://amzn.to/2XFVXQkSo what? You can attach one of these mics to record audio by Rhode. Just plug it into your headphone jack and you are ready to go. But if you are one of those unfortunate people who lost the headphone jack, use a dongle (pun intended).

6) Printer

If you are a photographer printing your photos is a must. But say you don’t have time to go and get your photos printed or say you are somewhere out of town and you want to print a picture quick on the go-to gift someone or just put it into your scrapbook or something then this is for you.You can also print pictures through these and use them as props, that sounds cool, right?You can use on of these offered by HP, the HP Sprocket.


  1. Portable
  2. Easy to use


  1. Cost

7) Fibre cloth

Okay, so why is this in the list? Coz it’s important. One major reason your smartphone clicks don’t look good is because of smudges or dirt on the glass on the camera. Instead of cleaning it off with you T-Shirt which might put on some scratches, keep a fibre cloth with you.And to be honest you don’t even need to buy it, you probably have it lying around your house, in the specs case if you wear spectacles or if you buy a mobile camera lens it would be provided with it. So use it.

These Seven things will really help you improve your smartphone photography and videography game. You don’t really need to have all of the seven things mentioned above. But start investing in them slowly-slowly to build up that gear.
What I would suggest is at least get a Mini Tripod & Mobile Camera Lenses these 2 things will really help you.
PS: Getting these gear doesn’t make you a better photographer, these things are there just to help you and enhance your photography, at the end of the day who is behind the camera is more important and that he has a creative eye.
That’s all for this blog, hope you all love it & it was informative. If you loved it hit that Like and do share it.