Who am I & What is MostlyWanderer?

Who am i ?

My name is ” YASH NAIK ” & I am from Mumbai, India

mostlywanderer - yash naik


 So “MostlyWanderer” , how did I came up with this name for me ?

Travel and photography website

My Photography journey started on Instagram and the origin of the name came from there. I had a different username before, just my jumbled name with some numbers, but it was not so professional.

So one day I just sat and was searching for a new username. And some friends used to tease me for using the #wanderlust #wanderer hashtags on Instagram so I was searching something related to that, then I was like I mostly wander around the city clicking pictures so why not “MostlyWanderer” so I typed that in and it was available.

So I just choose it & changed it everywhere on Social media where i have a presence.