Who am I & What is MostlyWanderer?

Who am i ?

My name is ” YASH NAIK ” & I am from Mumbai, India

Born and Bought up in Mumbai and did my education also in the city. Growing up in Mumbai was the best part because there are just so many people and there’s always something happening. I just Love Mumbai.

Professionally I am a Mechanical Engineer but I came into Photography just as a Hobby, something to let the stress out of my Engineering life. And with that I just fell in love with photography.

I just love doing Street Photography and Landscape Photography, I just love it. Well, I have never tried my hand into Portraits but I will do it one day.  

So am I leaving behind my Engineering and going all into photography and stuff? not at all. Engineering is first love and it would stay, But Photography its an Hobby and I would love to keep it that way.

mostlywanderer - yash naik


 So “MostlyWanderer” , how did I came up with this name for me ?

Travel and photography website

My Photography journey started on Instagram and the origin of the name came from there. I had a different username before, just my jumbled name with some numbers, but it was not so professional.

So one day I just sat and was searching for a new username. And some friends used to tease me for using the #wanderlust #wanderer hashtags on Instagram so I was searching something related to that, then I was like I mostly wander around the city clicking pictures so why not “MostlyWanderer” so I typed that in and it was available.

So I just choose it & changed it everywhere on Social media where i have a presence.