What’s the best time of the day to post on Instagram?

So when is the best time to post on Instagram?

If you ask me, the real answer is it depends on various factors like region, audience, timezones. I don’t wanna give those answers like people mostly check their phones during these hours so you should post at this time or like this time is the best time to post. But if you want the best time to post follow the steps given below in the order coz there’s no one simple answer.

But if you are just starting out on #Instagram, just a fresh new account then you can use that technique to post at some specific hours or just pick up time of your convenience because in the beginning it just doesn’t matter.
There are various apps and services online, free and paid which gives all the #analytics of the best time to post and all the other things, I mean those are good, some work well but you could just use Instagram for your analytics. Does Instagram have analytics?
Yes, it does, you only have to change your account to a business account and you’ll start getting in the analytics. Which is by far the most perfect analytics for which time to post because Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook loves to dig into our personal lives a lot.

So here’s what you can do to figure out the best time to post for you.

1) Experimentation :

If you are new on Instagram, fresh account then don’t change your account to a business account right away this is the time you can experiment and grow. First things First, Content is King. So if you have figured out the best time to post but you are posting bad content no one’s gonna like it. So make good quality content.
Okay, if that’s clear you can move on. So here’s what you can do make good quality #content and post one photo a day every day at different times for a month and see how the posts perform.
You can post in the morning when people check their phones after waking up or in the afternoon during lunch break time or at around 4 & 6 PM during tea time or at dinner time. Post during these times and see what works the best for you.
PS: This will vary from place to place, will be different for every country so find a good balance with the local audience and international ones.

2) Using Instagram Analytics :

So you have been on Instagram for a while, you have gained some good loyal following figured out what works best for you through experimentation now you have a choice to make to follow the posting schedule you have been following or to take a risk. So there are people who say turning your account to a business account lowers your engagement so Instagram can make you buy ads but I disagree. So you have turned your account to business account & you have your analytics time to read the analytics.
Your experimentation phase would help you a lot here. You’ll be given this graph of time and day with the tallest and the darkest blue bar meaning a higher #engagement. So below is data from my analytics.

As you can see it peaks during 6 pm to 9 pm time and has a consistent pattern till 12 am – 1 am time this is the period where I might receive the highest engagement. This can be different for you. Post your photos about 30 min before peak time.

Instagram analytics data showing the best time to post on instagram

Also you can see the best day to post. But that is not a big issue and you should ignore that. Just keep a consistent #posting schedule.
Use a planner to plan your posts beforehand. During #experimenting different times to post for a month or more the analytics will have enough data to give the best time use that as a guideline and post at that time but also see that data converts into results or try different time to post for a while and then again come back to analytics.

Best day to post on Instagram using Instagram analytics

3) Beyond Analytics :

Yes analytics will help you, posting at certain times is best for you but it’s not always true a 100% you can risk it too. Like I post one photo a day every day, I might miss a day or two in between but most of the time this is what I follow. But if you want to post 3 times a day or 4 times a day or even more if you are that much into it, then what?

i) Specific Interval :

What you can do is plan your post at specific Intervals from each other. Like a 4hr gap or 5hr gap depends on how much you wanna post in one day. Do the maths.

ii) Alter analytics :

Analytics will give you the best time to post, no doubt you’ll get the highest engagement but if you wanna post multiple times a day and get good engagement all the time then you have to play with analytics. So once you know your peak times start posting at times with lover engagement once and then your best shot at the peak time. So slowly what will happen new people will start seeing your post pushing engagement at a time up to a little, might help you a bit.

iii) Go with your gut :

So this one is sketchy, just go with your gut. Straight up post whenever you want however you want but it should be your best shots and you’ll see that content is the king ‘most of the times’ coz Instagram is nasty.

So what is the best time to post?

There’s no one answer you have to find it out yourself following the steps I gave and alter it by your needs, yeah you can do that, alter it. Follow the above steps in order to get the best time to post.

So let’s conclude what all is in the blog :

1) Experimentation :

Experiment-Experiment-Experiment Just tries out different times to post and slowly in a month or two you’ll start to know it yourself of what’s the best time for you.

2) Using Instagram Analytics :

Turn your account to a business account and start getting the analytics and use them to get real data and boost it by posting at that time.

3) Go beyond Analytics :

Instead of posting at that time every day, every month will get boring so you can do the following.

  • Specific Interval
  • Alter the Analytics
  • Go with your gut

Well, this is my take at best time to post on Instagram to share this blog with someone who really needs this information and just people should know.

Sharing is Caring.

And do comment on your views in the comment section would love to start a conversation there.

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  1. But what if the gut turns out to be something that one didn’t expect? I mean I had a gut which turned out to be way wrong and received less engagement, less likes and waste of a really good photo!

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