A a creator of any sorts let it be a photographer, painter, writer, let it be anything you all have gone through it. I am not a professional of any kind in this field as a photographer I am just a hobbyist trying to turn it into a profession. But still, we all have gone through it. The all glorious “ Creative Block !! ”, well that’s what i call it.

So what’s a Creative Block ??

There might be other names for it but I call it the creative block. So a creative block is basically a period or a moment as a Creator where you have no new ideas. You are just sitting on your couch or your bed and you have nothing to do creative. That click, it just doesn’t click in your head.

It’s hard to put it in words but if you are a Creator you know what I am saying, coz we have all gone through it.It’s a period when you don’t post on “Instagram” coz that’s a platform too close to me and would be for many other creators. If you wanna go a bit far you can call it a symptom of a creative block, but I don’t see that as true because some people just love to go off the grid for a while.

But basically you have nothing to post, or you have but you are not in the mood or you don’t have time. Let’s discuss it in a bit of detail. Because while writing this post at the very moment I am going through one, the “creative block”.So I am gonna keep this focused from a photographer, cinematographers point of view because I am involved in that type of content and I can say I know something about it. But even if you are not, the same thing resonates among all forms of content creation.

1) Comparing your work to others

Creators should not compare their work with that of others.

In the day and age of Instagram where you are a new young content creator with new unique ideas. A different view but there are established creators so it’s very difficult to stand out be unique. You start comparing yourself with all others.

The feeling that your clicks are not good enough, they are not getting enough likes, that’s a slow poison. You start to overthink on your posts, start hating your own pics and that should not happen. If you don’t love your work you have failed before you start.

So what’s the solution to this? Well just Post the dammn piece of content and stop thinking of what others would think & start thinking of how you feel. If you feel good, you are happy with your work then it’s a winner-winner-chicken-dinner.

Just to be clear I am not saying you should ignore other peoples content but get inspired by their work and not just keep comparing your work to others. I used to do it too, but glad I came out of that mess early on. But the other thing I struggle, and I am struggling while writing this blog is explained in the next point.

2) Gear, does it matter?

DSLR V/s Smartphone, does the gear matters ?

If you are like me and don’t have a DSLR and shoot everything on your phone you will understand what I am saying. Smartphone photography is great but you cannot all the different smartphones into one category saying smartphone photography, there’s a reason for that, and as a smaller creator, I know it very well. Ill just a write a dedicated blog for that.

So, for now, we will keep it simple smartphone v/s DSLR. There’s a lot you can do with a smartphone but those high-quality DSLR photos the things you can do in manual mode, with the shutter speed is just, I mean what can I say. Here too you start comparing your phone clicks with that of a DSLR which is a totally useless thing to do.

And on top of that one with a 200$ phone comparing with a 900$ which is like, why? But it happens and you can do nothing about it or can you? Well, here it is upon you. There’s not much that can be done. You have to accept the facts. And gear does not matter, to a certain extent.So if you have a creative block because of it, so just get the heck out of it. Making unique content does not depend on the gear you use but your perception.

3) Just lost that zing for it

loosing that zing or that thing for your art or you are just bored of it.

So this is a common thing, you just have lost the thing for photography or whatever creative thing that you are doing. There is no specific reason for this, it is like, you have just lost that zing for it. You just don’t want to post or edit or go out to shoot. If you do shoot you don’t want to edit and post.

So what can be done? Well, you could keep yourself busy with some other things/hobbies. This will give some breathing space for that photographer in you to cool down and get back on the field with that same charisma to make new content.

You can also do some weird creative things to spice up your photography and make it less boring. Like if you are only used to doing portraits then do some landscapes or vice-versa. You can also combine two forms of photography life Street and Portrait or Landscape and Portrait.

Try a different lens than usual, like shift between a wide, macro and a telephoto. Just do something different than usual to bring that photographer in you back. Start collaborating with different artist. Because new ideas and different techniques acts as a fuel.

4) Peer pressure of other things

Peer pressure of other things which forces your love for art down the gutter.

This can happen a lot to people who are not into photography as a profession or just starting to get into it as a profession. These people are mostly students or people having jobs and photography for them is just a hobby or a hobby turning into a profession.

As a college student you have submissions, project work, fest work, outing with friends and all of that you come home late, in all this you might get time to shoot but curating your photos, editing them, writing a caption, then the hashtags and then posting it just doesn’t happen. Same thing if you are doing a job you just don’t get time.

So what’s the solution stop? Stop giving stupid excuses and get up your a** and start grinding. If you really love something, then don’t say you don’t have the time for that. Get out there on the streets or wherever you do your art form and start creating. There’s always some time available no matter what to create content. Start time management and start learning it and applying it and you’ll see the magic happening.

In Short

Don’t compare your work with others and gear is not important your perception is. Don’t lose that zing, if you think you are, then start trying new things to spice things up. And the peer pressure of other things will always be there to learn the art of management and start managing things. What I would suggest is to make a priority list of things so you will have time for all, keep the most important at the top.


This is just, in general, a brief of what creative block is in my perspective, things that are relatable to me or I can relate to. I am not an expert in photography or videography or human psychology, I am just a beginner like you if you are one. I am just trying to share my experiences and help fellow creators on their way. After all, we are all part of a community of creators and we should help each other in any way possible. If you have come this way far then thanks a lot for reading till here. And join my email list to get updated on my next post and other cool stuff that I am planning. Also, check out my Instagram its a photography page www.instagram.com/mostlywanderer