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The all-new GoPro Hero 8 is announced by GoPro with their super dope video, I mean I just love watching those GoPro ads again and again on a loop, they are just so good. GoPro Hero 7 was great with that dope hyper smooth stabilization, but with GoPro Hero 8 hyper smooth 2.0 is announced. So what’s all-new about this new Gopro hero 8 then?

So let’s break it down and see what all the hero GoPro hero 8 has to offer. 

I am breaking GoPro Hero 8 down into 4 sections so it will be easier to follow through and understand:

  1. Design
  2. Video features
  3. Photo features
  4. Mods/Add-ons


GoPro Hero 8 is an upgrade to last year’s Hero 7 and there are some significant design changes that GoPro has done.

Since Hero 5, GoPro cameras have been waterproof up to 33 feet without any housing. But it needed a frame which had two little loops to attach to all the GoPro attachments.

But with Hero 8, GoPro has integrated the frame into the camera body giving us a frameless GoPro camera. The attachment loops are part of the camera design. But it is a bit wobbly, so you have to tighten the screws a little more.

video credits: GoPro

The redesign makes the Hero 8 slightly thinner at 28.4mm than the Hero 7 which is 33mm, but it’s also wider and taller (66.3mm by 48.6mm vs. 62.3mm by 44.9mm, respectively). All this makes Hero 8 a lot smaller than the Hero 7, so a lot more pocketable.

The small & compact form factor is also achieved by slightly making the lens low-profile. But this comes at a trade-off, unlike previous GoPro cameras, the lens is no longer removable.

Well, the front lens element is thicker and made of Gorilla Glass & GoPro claims it’s twice as impact resistant…but everyone claims that. They should have had kept the removable front lens element.

One major physical difference is on the side of the camera, there is now one big door to cover your battery, microSD card and USB C port.

Video features:

GoPro’s are great when it comes to video, hands down. It all started as just an action cam, for people riding bikes, snowboarding, paragliding all the adventure related stuff. But now they have expanded into the mainstream camera market and people are using it as a normal camera and now even for vlogging.

Hero 7 was great, with the introduction of hypersmooth it just killed the need of a gimbal. So hero 8 packs all the great stuff Hero 7, it just spiced it all up.

GoPro Hero 8 Video Specs:

Sensor size12-mega pixel
Resolutions4K@ 60,50,30,25 & 24fps in 16:94K@ 30,25 & 24fps in 4:32.7K@ 60,50,30,25 & 24fps in 16:9
Slow motion2.7K@ 240 & 100fpsSuper slow mo- 240/200fps in 1080p, 960p, 720p (allows 8X slow mo.)
Hypersmooth2.0 (available in all resolutions & frame rates)

Hypersmooth 2.0:

Video Credits: Gopro

Hypersmooth debuted in Hero 7 and was a game changer now welcome hypersmooth 2.0 with the Hero 8 and it’s not an incremental update hypersmooth 2.0 make hypersmooth 1.0 look bad. I mean seriously, I was watching the review by @mattih , the hypersmooth 1.0 looks a bit drunk to say.

Unlike Hero 7 where hypersmooth smooth was only available at 1080p 60fps. With Hero 8 it is available at all resolutions and frame rates.

Now hypersmooth 2.0 auto-corrects your horizon leveling your shots and taking care of the composition. There is also a new Boost function now.

TimeWarp 2.0:

Video Credits: GoPro

Debuted last year with Hero 7, the time warp feature also got on update. TimeWarp essentially is a fluid, stabilized time lapse mode removing any shakes that may occur.

So what’s new with TimeWarp 2.0? Now you can adjust the speed and aspect ratio & GoPro has added speed ramping effect with simple tap-control.

Digital Lens:

Gopro Hero 8 now has a new digital lens function to shift focal lenghts

With GoPro Hero 8 you can now have four different focal lengths. You can choose from Super View, which is 16mm, Wide, which is 16-34mm, Linear, which is 19-39mm, and narrow which is 27mm.

Night Lapse Video:

Video Credits: GoPro

Now you can shoot low-light time lapse videos in 4K, 2.7K, 1440p or 1080p with epic details (that’s what they have promised)

Audio Improvements:

There has been a lot of improvement in the audio from hardware and software side. The front mic has been optimized to reduce wind noise and all the 3 mics have got high-fidelity audio Improvements.

Also the Audi capture is Raw audio capture (.wav format)

The new thing with the Hero 8 now is the mods and with the new mod which is sold separately you can get a boost to the audio.

Live Streaming on GoPro Hero 8 possible??

Yes!! Like GoPro Hero7 you can live stream with Hero 8 also at 1080p resolution.

Is GoPro Hero8 Waterproof??

Obviously, Yes, GoPro Hero 8 is Waterproof upto 10m without any need of housings.

Photo features:

GoPro shoots awesome videos but it also clicks awesome photos. That GoPro wide angle looks are famous, those crazy angles you can have. And the GoPro colours and picture quality is also good. And the Hero 8 does that job also well similar to the previous GoPro’s.

SuperPhoto and Improved HDR mode, as well as RAW shooting capabilities there.

Live Burst mode:

LiveBurst mode is another new feature to the Hero8 Black. LiveBurst mode enables users to capture 1.5 seconds of footage before and after you hit the shutter. This allows you to choose your favourite shot from 90 still images. Or you can share a 3-second 4K video clip.

Mods/Add-ons for GoPro Hero 8:

Video Credits: GoPro

This is the new Hot thing with the brand new GoPro Hero 8, the “Mods or the Add-ons”.

There 3 mods that are available for now during the launch which are sold separately.

GoPro Media Mod:

GoPro hero 8 media mod

Priced at around $79.99, GoPro’s Media mod offers housing with a Shot-gun directional mic for better audio performance.

It also features 2 cold shoe mounts for additional accessories such as display mod and light mod.

 It also has a Type-C, HDMI and a 3.5mm external mic adapter port.

GoPro Display Mod:

GoPro hero 8 display mod

Priced at around $79.99, GoPro’s Display Mod is a folding front/rear-facing display (1.90 inches). This mod attaches to the Media Mod.

This mod is especially for vloggers as more and more people are starting to use GoPro as their vlogging camera. 

It can also be folded out of the way when not in use.

GoPro Light Mod:

GoPro Hero 8 light mod

Priced at around  $49.99, Light Mod is basically just a light that can be attached to the Media mod and is Waterproof up to 10 meters.

It also comes with a diffuser to soften lighting when filming with the Hero 8.

The Irony of the GoPro Mods:

These Mods are great, I like them, but you have to buy the Media mods anyways to use any of the other mods. 

Like, say if you just want the display mod then you need to have the Media mod so you are spending over 160$

Anything more with the GoPro Hero 8?

GoPro App:

GoPro Hero 8 app control

You can Capture, Edit, Share, Repeat with the GoPro app. The GoPro app automatically creates awesome edits and makes it easy to share them with the world.

You Call The Shots:

You can now go hands-free with 14 voice commands like “GoPro, start recording.” Or wake the camera up with “GoPro, turn on.” making it easier to use the GoPro Hero 8.

What is the cost of GoPro Hero8???

GoPro Hero 8 cost $399 on the GoPro website.

In India, the cost of GoPro’s are a bit higher as always at around 35,000 INR ($500)


So on paper everything looks great, GoPro’s are also priced in a sweet spot so they are affordable too.

Looking at all the hands-on review that I have seen on the Internet I would say it’s a great camera. If you want to upgrade or even if you are new to GoPro’s I would recommend this to you.

But I would say one thing, GoPro is a camera which you have to use creatively or during adventure sports. It’s not meant to be used as just a point and just shoot camera.

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