Instagram Explore feed Removed? Actually, NO | Sep 2020 UI Update

In Instagrams September 2020 update there is a massive UI change. The Explore feed has been removed from its traditional place at the bottom and has been replaced with a dedicated reels tab. Reels has got a lot of traction recently due to the ban of TikTok in India and increased scrutiny and possible ban in the US.

Explore feed on Instagram is one of the main places to find new viral content. I am not a big fan of the explore feed as a creator as creators are rarely seen up there and mostly the so-called feature pages or the reshare pages are there.

So is the Instagram Explore feed Scrapped?

Instagram Explore feed replaced with dedicated Reels Tab

NO, it’s not scrapped. And it will never be scrapped. Explore feed has a high user retention rate, what I mean is you keep on scrolling through it for a really long time. And Instagrams main goal is to keep you longer on the platform ( Ad $$$ )

Explore feed has been just replaced by a dedicated reels tab and has been shifted to a new place. But where? It took me a min to figure that out actually, first I thought they scrapped it. It’s in a really weird place.

Where is the Explore feed now?

Go to search next to DM on home page to go to Explore page on Instagram

If you are coming here because you got confused about where the explore feed went, then don’t worry. It is right in front of you in the weirdest of the places. 

If you go to the Home Page, look at the top, right next to the DM. There will be a new search Icon. Click on that. This will bring you to explore feed.

[ Home page → Next to DM → Search Icon → Click it → Explore feed ]

My thoughts on the new place of Explore feed

Personally, I hate it. Yes, I know Reels is becoming famous and a lot of people are spending time on it. And Instagram wanted to give a dedicated space for reels.

But the older UI of exploring feed and the reels in it at the top was just perfect. Pushing Explore feed in a corner is not the best move.

Let’s hope this is not a permanent update and they are just testing as it is common with Instagram. I am not a beta tester but still, I have got this update. 

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