Should you buy Online Photography Courses?? I think they are of no use.

online photography courses - should you avoid them

Online Photography courses are a thing and I really don’t know what they do, seriously I have never taken one and don’t know any of the awesome photographers who I have met taken one. So, why do these things exist and are they any good? You can learn this stuff on youtube for free too. And I believe these things should be self explored with some guidance. Well, people still buy them though. So let’s discuss.

A quick note:

The views in this article are my personal views, this topic depends on your point of view. So whatever your thoughts are you can put them down in the comments.

Okay, so let’s begin, shall we?

Online Photography courses are all not that bad but few are really good and are worth spending your money and time on. 

Where are these Online Photography Courses:

A lot of courses are offered through Udemy (If you have noticed that constant ad on YouTube of that girl talking about improving your camera skills by taking this course). Much of the courses are offered on skillshare, which is really a great option and a better place than Udemy, to be honest.

Photography is an art form where it has to come from within you and the creativity part cannot be taught to you. You should have that eye for a shot and it can not be taught to you. Yes, there are some technicalities in how to frame a shot and the placement of subject and all that. But a lot of that material is available online for free and you don’t need to pay for that.

You can learn a lot by meeting other photographers:

photowalk - photographers meeting together

Be a part of the community, Instagram is not just for likes and comments it’s for connecting with new people. Join in on photo walks, meet other Creators and photographers, talk with them, ask them how they do what they do, ask them about camera settings and all the stuff, most of them would be happy to share.

Are all courses bad? are they any good?

Not all are bad, what I am saying is that the courses that teach camera settings how to frame, how to do this type of courses are a waste of your money.

Instead, if you want to get these courses to search for the ones in videography domain or one which teaches about the storytelling part of this art form.

Yes, we photographers are storytellers, we don’t just click and post, we capture stories.

But these courses teach you how to use your camera?

how to use a camera

Seriously, you are really gonna pay someone to teach you how to use your camera, that too from a video? Seriously though, will you?? 

I mean you could just search that up on YouTube and you’ll find 100’s of videos on that. And learning how to use your camera is a part of the process that you have to continuously do, one video lecture will not make you an expert. You have to work on it every day so that you know the settings at the back of your hand.

Be smart where you spend your money:

be a smart spender and save money

Photography is a hobby/profession that requires a lot of money. The main camera body, the lenses, the tripods the gear, it all costs money. Well, you can click on a phone, I do but it’s everyone’s dream to get a camera and good lenses.

So it’s better to save money for that, than spending on online courses.

Which type of Photography courses are worth spending money??

Avoid the ones who teach “how to use camera”, “how to frame a shot”, those types of courses. Instead, look for the ones who teach post-processing. Post-processing is an important part of Photography and mostly overlooked.

Search for courses on Lightroom, Photoshop, premier-pro, these courses are worth spending on rather than spending on courses that teach how to click.

But be smart on which courses you pay for, and check if that person really creates content and it’s good. If he is one of those people who teach how to use these software’s and in reality creative not so great content, ignore em.

Which platform is better for Online Courses??

“SKILLSHARE” Yes, if you wanna spend some money skillshare is the place, but why? 

On skillshare, you buy a subscription, 

The monthly package costs $15 per month, while the annual plan is $8.25 per month or $99 per year (billed annually). 

With this, you can watch any course that is available on skillshare from any domain. There are over 30,000+ classes. So it’s a better deal if you are interested.


It all depends on what you want, I have laid down my opinion. You have to spend your money smartly and save it too. 

Photography is not just about your camera. There are a lot of people who click on their phone and outperform DSLR shooters. 

Photography is a continuous process of learning, you learn every day, you make mistakes every day, you learn from mistakes and most importantly thinking out of the box.

“Photographers Eye” is one thing that can’t be taught, it has to be cultivated.

Yash Naik “mostlywanderer” ( I just made this quote, okay)

If you have any opinion on this topic do comment, would love to discuss this all with ya. And Share this with your Photography friends and the community.