Photography as a Hobby – 11 Reasons & why you’ll love it

photography as hobby - 11 reasons why you should have it

Photography as a Hobby is just great, not everyone is a professional photographer. People get into photography for a lot of different reasons – I am not talking about random snaps or selfies, I am talking about photography, okay just photography as it is and as it should be. People might start doing photography because of a major life event coming up – a wedding, or a new baby, or a special birthday, or that trip that you have been planning and saving up for a long time, or photography just might have become your hobby for some reason.

It could also be that you need some sort of a creative outlet for your thoughts and ideas – that’s the reason I myself got into photography and photography became my hobby.

11 Reasons Why Photography is a great hobby?

  1. It’s Fun
  2. Power of going Back in Time
  3. Relaxes your Mind
  4. Health and Fitness
  5. Creativity
  6. Travel
  7. Meeting new people
  8. Exploring places in a different way
  9. Being a part of the Photography community
  10. To develop a personal style
  11. Playing with light

1) It’s Fun

Photography as a Hobby is fun

Well, this is kinda an obvious reason, like too generic “ It’s Fun” but to be honest it’s really the most important reason why you would want photography as a hobby. Like why do you have any other hobby? To have a fun & relaxing time right?

With a camera, you can have so much fun, you could be on a beach or a picnic or hiking up a mountain for that spectacular view or just roaming around the city streets clicking pictures of strangers or experimenting with different angles. So many things to do new, fun and interesting with your camera that you’ll likely not have done otherwise. You could be meeting new people having photography as a hobby but with a different style of shooting or a different genre of photography.

Clicking those crazy angles and capturing those moments which might probably never happen again and clicking those macro shots of plants and bugs in your garden or regular household stuff is just fun. Trust me once you start clicking and get a hold of the fun involved in the process, photography will definitely be your most fun hobby ever.

2) Power of going Back in Time

Ever wanted the have the power of travelling back in time? What if I tell you photographers are time travellers!! Jokes apart, what I mean by the “power of going back in time” is that once you fall in love with photography and photography as a hobby starts being a fun activity for you, you won’t stop clicking pictures I mean, seriously you just cannot stop, you just want to click-click-click and capture those moments, those angles and those experiences. And you end up with a lot of photos (memories).

And if you’re main shooter is your phone or say you are a Google photos user like me then you just have so much photos on the drive with the unlimited storage option & the just typing in name of objects, place, date can take you back to those photos, those moments, those memories trust it’s a good feeling.

3) Relaxes your Mind

Do you know why I got myself into photography? And photography became that one hobby that I don’t think ill ever leave behind. So I came into photography because it just feels good creating content roaming around the streets of Mumbai clicking pictures. And I started clicking in 2015, the year my journey into Engineering began, my bachelor’s degree. And all that academic stress needed an outlet, a way to flush that stress out, just relax my mind and be with myself and photography gave me that chance. Photography is powerful if you start loving it.

Photography is like meditation to me, Photography is a hobby for me and not a profession, I mean, I am still an Engineer at the end of the day, a mechanical engineer who loves to design stuff and make things and click pictures.

4) Health and Fitness

Okay, photography is not about just standing at a place or just sitting at a place clicking photos, I mean sometimes to get that on the shot you might just stand or sit at a place for that one shot but there’s a catch.

I mean getting to that location is one hell of a task, climbing that mountain for that one shot that you always wanted, hiking along and painfull trail up a mountain for that one landscape shot, just walking around city for hours and hours clicking photos, because nothing great comes easy you have to work for it. All this is a workout, kinda. I mean still have to exercise but still, all that mentioned above is a sort of exercise.

Instead of just sitting at your house Netflix and chilling, pick up that camera, get out of the house on the streets and just walk for hours just clicking pictures, it will be like an exercise, fun and you’ll have pictures to post too, see that’s a good deal right? a hobby that makes you walk, now you have a reason to go out for a walk.

Trust me Photography as a Hobby is healthy!!!!

5) Creativity

If you are a student or say you are doing a job where you are doing that same shit again and again and there is no creativity, you are leaving in this framework with certain sets of rules, you need something to let your inner creativity create something, something that you’ll love. You’ll love the process of creating.

Photography as a hobby is great to allows you to do that, there are no boundaries, no fences, it is not a closed cage. It’s an open world with endless possibilities.

Photography is such a thing where you are rewarded for your creativity, for thinking out of the box. If you are that one creative person, photography is for you, but other forms of arts are the same here, like painting, songwriting, story writing….etc… I mean any form of art. But since we are talking about photography well stick to it.

6) Travel

Well, this one is not for everyone, I mean not everyone can afford travelling just for photography, but there are many who do. But even if you are not just travelling around clicking pictures you might be doing that one trip in a year or in two years, and if you are a photographer you are at an advantage.

I mean if you are a photographer you won’t be clicking those generic travel pictures, you will be creative, finding those unique angles, perspective. Making those pictures pop-out, look amazing. That’s really a big plus point if photography is your hobby.

7) Meeting new people

Now this one is the best part why you would love to have photography as a hobby. You would be meeting new like-minded people, photographers a community of creators. Where would you find these people? That’s where Instagram comes in, there’s a big community of photographers here, from people from your locality with whom you can go out to shoot to people who would probably never meet, so-called “internet friends”.

Just keep an eye on these photo walks that those big Photographers, influencers and pages organize, join those walks, trust me you’ll meet so many awesome people and learn so much, you’ll enjoy it. And also keep an eye on other community events happening in and around your city, join them.

8) Exploring places in a different way

If you are a photographer, trust me, the way you start looking at things and start exploring places just drastically changes. I mean you can ask this to any photographer friend you have. Even regular places that you know, you’ll start seeing them in a different way, in a photographers way. You’ll die to know the story behind a place you click if you are a street or say, urban photographer.

9) Being a part of the Photography community

This is just amazing, the photography community is just awesome, such talented people you’ll find, and the majority of them are not into photography as a profession but they are into photography as a hobby. These are just amazing people, you’ll learn so much. If you are getting yourself into photography, be a part of the community.

10) To develop a personal style

Once you start photography as a hobby you will start dabbling in all the genres of photography. You’ll start clicking pictures of birds, dogs, cats, all sorts of animals, you’ll start doing portraits, then some landscapes, then street photography, you might even do some product photography kinda photos, or those flat lays. I mean you’ll do it all.

But after a while, you will start creating a style for yourself. Something unique to you. Like you might fall in love with street photography or say landscape photography. You create a hybrid style of photography.
What I am saying is you will develop a personal style for yourself, and that’s awesome.

11) Playing with light

This is one of the most important and fun things why you would love to have photography as your hobby. Photography is all about playing with light. You can create some amazing pieces of work by just playing with the light. I mean capturing shadows in a creative way, using shadows as a tool in your shots, making use of reflections, those awesome silhouettes, light painting, I mean the list goes on and on.


Photography is so important in your lives, it is like a physical incarnation of memories. It adds so much value to our lives, by capturing those special moments, people and places. It allows to communicate and connect with such large amount people irrespective of their gender, nationality, language.

Photography is a hobby where age is not a barrier, gender is not a barrier, your nationality isn’t a barrier and not even your skin colour matters, what matters is your creativity and what you create and share with the world. So pick-up your DSLR’s, Mirrorless or your smartphones and get out there and start clicking.

7 thoughts on “Photography as a Hobby – 11 Reasons & why you’ll love it”

  1. Sachin Deshmukh

    Very well written and composed article Yash. Realy liked it very much, I never thought about it the way you explained.
    It’s Fun
    Power of going Back in Time
    Relaxes your Mind
    Health and Fitness
    Meeting new people
    Exploring places in a different way
    Being a part of the Photography community
    To develop a personal style
    Playing with light
    So many reasons to start clicking snaps.
    But I think we all love preserving MEMORIES and watching them later and that’s more than enough for me to click the snaps.

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    1. Actually no, I am just starting out in blogging. Actually I am looking out for opportunities for guest blogging. If in the future I decide to accept guest blogging on my site I will let you know. Thanks!!

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