Place of Smartphones in the World of Photography, where do they stand?

Smartphone as a content creation tool

As a photographer/Content creator you always come across the debate about the smartphone or DSLR which is better and the closing gap between them. But Smartphones are never gonna take over DSLR’s in a way people imagine. Well, you can never replace something like a DSLR, but yes the gaps closing in very fast. So what kind of content can you create on a smartphone are there any limitations? Can it really replace a DSLR in terms of usability & productivity & the most important thing that most big content creators forget to tell keep on reading till the end to find it out what’s that?

What kind of Content can you create on a smartphone?

There’s no limitation in the type of content you can create out of a smartphone like literally, you can create whatever the hell you want. As long as you have a camera to shoot and internet to share and a creative mind (the most important thing!!) the worlds in your grasps.

The variety of smartphone options available with lense arrangements like wide, super-wide, telephoto, depth sensing for portrait mode all these things are game changers. You can do landscapes, portraits, streets, etc. like anything.But what I personally think is smartphones are best for street photography, like they are bang on the best thing for street photography.Reasons:Size of the smartphoneSize of the…Size of ….Ok..Ok…why I am saying Size of the smartphone again and again as the reason? Because it is.

With a DSLR you can get a better quality photo, good depth of field and all sorts of things but you become lazy and forget the most important aspect of street photography getting personal with your shots, connecting with them at an emotional level to get all that feel into your shots. With a smartphone you can do all that and also you have your phone always with you to capture those quick moments. Well, all of these is useless if you don’t have a creative eye and if you can’t connect with people. You can check my Instagram, 95% of the photos are shot on a smartphone that too on Xiaomi MI A1 which is a 200$ smartphone from 2017.

When it comes to video smartphones these days are not behind. Like this is a place where you can say a DSLR is way better. Like there’s no comparing but when there is it is quite specific I’ll come to that later in the blog.Even landscapes come out bang on…like with new wide-angle & super wide-angle options available they also come out super good. You can check my Instagram like 98% of all my pictures is from my phone, landscapes too.

Best camera smartphone?

Well, this a topic on which we can debate for a really long time. Different people will say different things, people will have their own opinion. In the end, it’s on what you think and how you like it and experience shooting with the phone. In markets like India where the smartphone market is saturated with so many devices, you can get really good phones with good a camera for really less money. I won’t give a list of smartphones that are great camera phones or something like that because I believe that it’s not on specs but how you use it and how you like which differs from person to person. But if you really want a list I’ll do it in the future, but till then you can check on Google there are like thousands of blogs on that.

Big creators will never tell you this

I am not gonna take any names, but it’s almost 98% of the content creators on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.So here’s what I am saying, we all have watched tutorial videos, how to shoot something, and then comes this…..” how to get cinematic videos or say dope photos on smartphones”.

But here’s a thing almost in all of those videos smartphone = iPhone or a Google Pixel.Like all the time there is a statement “You don’t need a DSLR when you have a camera in your pocket”, and then they pull out an iPhone X, a Pixel of or a Galaxy device. Like seriously these things cost 1000$ and in countries like India, that’s just too much. In India smartphones in the range of 200$ to 500$ are the most attractive options.

And there are a lot of good options available in a market like India.There are few creators like Casey Neistat who say you just need anything that has a camera an internet connection and a good Idea.There are some creators who say smartphones are good but if you really wanna do it spend the money in a DSLR.


Smartphones are great, they are powerful device sitting in your back pocket. You don’t need a DSLR if you are a beginner or a casual photographer.But if you really wanna get into the game it would be great to get a camera with interchangeable lenses, let it be a DSLR or a Mirrorless. If you are used to a smartphone a Mirrorless would be a great option because of the compact size.And rather than spending a 1000$ on a smartphone just because it has a good camera spend it on a DSLR. Here’s what you can do if you have a 1000 Dollars, spend 300 on a smartphone and 700 on a DSLR, best of both worlds.But if you can spend boatloads of money go ahead.

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