Story of my first time flying experience in an Airplane.


I grew up watching movies like ‘snakes on a plane’ ‘Air-force one’ ‘Final destination’ all those kind of movies so there was that little fear of that in my head. I know it’s a bit stupid but still. But I loved planes, I was always fascinated by them. They are a piece of art. Also, there never came a moment in my life that I needed just to travel via plane. It was always Car, Train or a Bus. I didn’t Travel anywhere outside my state since my engineering started ( a sad story every Engineering student can relate to), 4 years back I went to Darjeeling but that was via train. So it just was not happening. So I & my mom decided let’s go on a trek to the Himalayas. Just to tell you my mom’s a professional trekker like trekking is in my blood & runs through our family.

So we planned everything and decided to go to Delhi via plane. We booked our flights with IndiGo, Mumbai-Delhi on 4th & return on 11th also by plane. The excitement level was just high, first flight yaay…kinda thing. But it was even a big thing for my mom, I am a single parent-child & it was my mom’s dream to take me on my first flight on her own. So it was a big thing for her. Seeing me happy was everything for her.


The day came 4th Jan 2019 our flight was at 15:15. We left the house around 12:20, booked and Ola and reached Domestic Airport T1. IndiGo airline entrance was at gate 1 and the Ola driver left us perfectly where we should have entered but I don’t know why we went till Arrivals & came back, like why…i still don’t know, well it was our first time so mistakes happen. So we entered the airport and at the entrance, we had to show our ID’s (Aadhar card) & my mom couldn’t find her Aadhar card… I had mine….but it all went okay she found it & we entered. So after getting in this airport guy asked us do you want to do Check-in and were like uhh…no…mmm..we were confused. We went directly to do the luggage thing without boarding pass. Then we got to know that we have to get the boarding pass on that self Check-in kiosk so we came back & did that but didn’t get the window seat sadly, but even worse I took the seats near the wings & I didn’t even know that seriously that’s the worst place.

Got done with luggage, security, washroom, and all that shit. Now the waiting game, sat near a charging point till boarding time came. So the boarding started going into the bus till the aeroplane. This was going to be my first up-close encounter with an aeroplane. So we reached the aeroplane and I was like…hmm…that’s small…I mean I didn’t expect that it’ll be that small & then I was like an idiot you are flying domestically. Went in and I was at the aisle side yeah… boring & on top of that, I was sitting near the wings. Couldn’t click any pics from the window the type of pictures I always wanted to take, but its fine next time. Our flight reached an hour late coz..i seriously don’t was circling Delhi airport.

But one thing I noticed the difference between the air quality of Mumbai & Delhi the clouds in Delhi looked a bit reddish and toxic….the air there is really toxic. Finally, we landed down and it was dammn cold outside I mean Mumbai is not cold at all & my jacket was in the luggage I just had my baklava with me. Got our bags done all the stuff and got out of the airport. The story after that would be in a different blog, ill link it here when I am done with it.


The return flight was a bit scary coz we planned it really bad. We should have had kept a one day gap and spend a day in Delhi because what was happening was, our flight was at 04:00 Am & Delhi has a pretty good reputation for safety. Our trek schedule was such that we were reaching Dehradun at 07:30 pm and from there we had to catch a bus which will reach Delhi by around 2-3 Am & there is no metro at night and we had to take a taxi…i to think you get what I am saying. But luckily nothing of that happened because we were unlucky, yeah you heard it right sounds a bit weird but yeah that’s what it is but that’s for a different blog. I’ll link it right here if it’s up.

So what happened was we reached Delhi a day earlier, spent some time at Qutub Minar and reached Delhi airport at 10:00 pm and we had to spend 6 hours at the airport. I went to almost each and every corner of the airport. Didn’t had coffee bcoz it so dammn costly. But something happened at security, my mom forgot her Swiss Knife in her bag which you keep with yourself we couldn’t leave it there as it was from Switzerland, my grandpa had brought it so we called our bag from luggage put the knife in there and spent 1 hour in that mess.

This time I got the window seat but it was dark and I was sleepy so I had a great sleep at the window seat.Reached Mumbai back to my home came walking out of the airport and all taxi ppl were like want to do Mumbai darshan ?? (Mumbai sightseeing) and we were like we are from here we can take you on sightseeing. We were ignoring all taxi’s & Rickshaws, we went to the bus stand waited there for about 20min. A lady passed by and told us the busses (BEST) were on strike, so we had to take a taxi. I mean what can I say.

Well, that was the Story of my first time experience in the aeroplane and in the airport, I will make a guide for first-time fliers like me so stay tuned for that by signing up to my email list. I’ll try to keep consistent with my uploads here so to stay updated follow me on instagram