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So here’s what to expect from my Blog.

A little about me

Born on 7th May, 1998 in Mumbai India. Did my studies in Mumbai (Antonio da silva high school), took science stream in junior college (Antonio da silva technical college). And now in my final year (2018-2019) of my B-tech in mechanical engineering in BVCOE-Navi Mumbai. Got into instagram back in 2015 with zero interest in photography and when even 30 likes got me excited, started out with my Moto E2.

What to expect ?

Ok so here’s the thing, i am a photographer, not a professional but hobby photographer. And i love to travel, so travel photographer. And one more thing i don’t travel that much, like it’s not that i am travelling always. I am student in my final year. But whenever & wherever i travel i make sure i bring back the best memories with me.My Blogs will cover a wide range of topics from Travel, Photography, Tech related to travel & photography, instagram & related stuff that i’ll learn and discover in this journey with you all.

This is the first time i am writing a blog and handling a website so the roads gonna be a bit rough & bumpy, hope i get all the love needed to get me started up here.So i’ll start my actual blog after about a week after this one is published, like my goal is to at least publish two blogs in the starting few months. Lot of things are happening in my life in this coming year, its gonna be a super crazy mess for a better future. This was just a pilot blog so the actual blog starts next week, its going to be about a most regrettable, exhausting & most enjoyable trek i had, so keep an eye on that.You could subscribe for email updates from the main homepage or just search for mostlywanderer.com so that you would not miss any blogs.

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The blogs will be there but i’ll be most active on instagram. Like i am seriously active up there. So please go follow me up there @mostlywanderer Have a nice day or night or weekend or whatever it might be for you when you are reading this.